Mangools: An Online SEO Tool You Must Love

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If you are a blogger or you have started a small business. But at a glance, you find that your site does not appear on the first page of google and people are completely unaware of your service. Now you have decided to do an SEO of your site so that people can find your site easily. You have found yourself in the ocean of SEO tools and get confused about which one to choose or not. In this article, I will introduce you to an amazing SEO tool whose name is Mangools that will help you to make your decision. Now some questions must be raised in your mind. Like-

  • What is Mangools?
  • Why I will choose Mangools?
  • How to deal with Mangools?
  • Are there any Pros and Cons?

In this article about Mangools, you will get this question’s answer and also get an overview of Mangools.

What Is Mangools?

Mangools is an SEO software which is combined with five essential SEO tools. These tools are –

  1. KWFinder.
  2. SERPChecker.
  3. SERPWatcher.
  4. LinkMiner.
  5. SiteProfiler.

You will get access to all of these tools when you sign up at Mangools. Lets know about these tools.


KWFinder is a keyword research tool that helps to find the best keyword for your sites. If you want to do SEO of your site then KWFinder will play a role of your best friend which allows you to do many things like which terms are most searched for, which ones are less competitive, which ones have an upward trend is extremely valuable. It will provide you some lucrative facilities like –

  • The suggestion, autocomplete and question option.
  • Make analysis by domain name.
  • Create your own custom links.
  • Give information about current competitiveness of current world.
  • Observe search trends.

If I want to explain it in a sentence then I will tell you that it will reduce your sufferings and time by providing the right kind of information about keyword.


SERPChecker is a second tool that Mangools provide which helps you to find out what most of the people searching for a keyword will see. Let’s imagine you are playing boxing and you are strong. But this will not enough for your winning. If you really want to win you have to know your opponent’s weakness. Similarly, if you want to rank your site on the first page of google only good contents will not enough, you have to find the week spots of your competitors.SERPChecker will help you to find this. It helps you not only see how many people are competing and try to rank for your target keyword but also shows you how hard it might be to rank for it.

It will show you a difficulty score based on metrics like the average number of links and domain authority for your every keyword that you enter. Besides this you will get the opportunity to see SEO metrics like Domain Authority, Page Authority, CF, TF, and Referring Domains for every page ranking for your target keyword.

This will give you an assumption of how many links you have to need to rank for your target keyword.

SERPChecker has the ability to inform you about the knowledge box that displayed at the top of the search results page:

Look SERPChecker also shows you how many clicks you might get if you were ranking in that place :

SERPChecker will give you the opportunity to see what the search results would look like not only your country but also in other countries.

These are the basic overview of SERPChecker. You will explore more when you use it.


It is mandatory for an SEO to know how high he is ranking for his target keyword. If he doesn’t measure it,he will never find out what he needs to change in his process.

It is okay if anyone is focused on ranking for one keyword but if he is trying to rank for a dozen of keyword what will happen?

He will not be able to keep track of where he was and how far he have to come?

This is the place where SERPWatcher plays a vital role.

On the dashboard of the tool, he can easily get a bird’s eye view of how his sites are doing:

This tools helps you to see where it is for all the keywords you are trying to rank for:

You can do more with this tool. Like -It can tell you the authentic traffic share of your site based on the current keywords you are ranking with the help of Dominance Index a metric developed by Mangools:

Moreover you can see the major changes in your search engine rankings:

This gives you a quick idea of what keywords you are falling for and what keywords you are gaining ranks for rapidly.


LinkMiner not only helps you to find out the pages that are linking to your competitor but you can also find the link they have lost.

Lets see what happen when you put on a URL into LInkMIner:

It also show all the key metrics for domain and page analyzing:

The most amazing part about the link miner is that you can filter links based on link types like blog,forum:

Another useful part is you can use linkMiner to find the links that you have lost:


The site profiler provides you with a quick profile on your competitor’s site and also in your site. It shows all the domain authority metrics in one place :

It also shows detailed graphs on Alexa rank, facebook shares :

The most amazing part of this tool is anchor text box. It shows what anchor tags competitors are using and helps you to make your own strategy.

Why You will choose Mangools

Mangools has some special features that will attract you the most. The first one is its UI design. It has a very user-friendly interface. One can easily get used to it. The second reason is mangools gives you the best service at a cheaper price. Most of the expensive SEO tools gives you minimum access to their basic plan.

It is nothing but a trial of that tool and if you want to get its full access you have to spend a lot of money from your pocket. Which is kind of impossible for a small business entrepreneur or a blog site. But in Mangools it gives you the access of its all the advanced features at a minimal price. Besides if you have any doubt or question you can easily contact their support and most of the time they will give you the best solution within a short time.

The other best part is Mangools published article and case studies on their site. So you can easily get information and experience form their site and clear your doubt. Moreover, Mangools gives you to use it as a browser extension. Finally, it can be said that these reasons are well enough to choose this amazing SEO tool named Mangools.

How to deal with Mangools

Mangools has the most user-friendly interface. Once you visit this site you can easily find out everything. And if you are convinced enough to go with Mangools you have to buy its plans. Mangools offers you a plan and pricing table which is divided into three categories. Like Mangools Basic, Mangools Premium, Mangools Agency. The plans are almost the same without a minor difference. Let’s see mangools monthly plans and pricing table below:

Mangools yearly plans and pricing table :

You have the opportunity to pay monthly or annually. Mangools offers you 40% discount if you take annual subscription. If you have a Blog or SEO something you want to explore in regular basis then annual plans will be recommended. But if you have a simple site you can explore the monthly plan. Mangools gives you another offer which is if you pay within an hour of signing up for the free trial you will get 10% discount.

Pros and Cons of Mangools

Like others SEO tool Mangools have also Pros and Cons.Lets check out these.


  • Mangools provides five essential SEO tools.
  • Its user interface is very easy to use.
  • Mangools price is very affordable.
  • it has strong customer support.
  • Mangools provides full refund within 48 hours if you are not satisfied.(does not apply 2 consecutive subscriptions).


  • Does not have direct communication system like phone call or live chat.
  • The browser extension feature is only available for Mozilla and Google Chrome.


Mangools is a complete package for SEO. With the combination of KWFinder, SERPChecker, SERPWatchlist, LinkMiner and SiteProfiler, Mangools gets stronger.

The Mangools simple and clean user interface makes it easy for both new and experienced online marketers to easily follow their campaigns and boost their strategies for online success. Though there are some cons in Mangools, which is minor and that will not affect you in your work. Besides it is a great platform for Bloggers and small businesses. Its simple dashboard and user friendly interface makes you feel comfortable. Even if you’re a beginner and never used an SEO tool before, you will be able to use it as a professional. The most noticeable part is you can get this tool at a cheaper rate in comparison to other SEO tools.

Finally, the summary of this article is Mangools SEO tool is perfect for bloggers and small businesses as it is very affordable and very easy to use.